ERIK DISTRIBUTION LTD, a wholesaler of fruits and vegetables, has been operating on the English market since 2017. Over these years, it has gained a group of satisfied customers who appreciate the diversity of our offer and its high quality. Wholesaler ERIK DISTRIBUTION LTD can offer you supplies of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as tasty preserves (compotes, gherkins, pickles) and dried goods (peas, sunflower seeds, etc.). We can provide both regional fruits and vegetables as well as foreign rarities. Since the beginning of ERIK DISTRIBUTION LTD, we continuously put effort into providing our customers with goods of the highest freshness and quality. Therefore, we are constantly establishing cooperation with local farmers and the Agricultural Exchange in Warsaw and London. They provide us with the necessary products every day. Wholesaler ERIK DISTRIBUTION LTD carries professional warehouse facilities which provide perfect conditions for storing fruits and vegetables and other products from our offer.